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Scientific Evidence About The Benefits of Dance

Numerous scientific studies have been performed showing the aerobic value of Latin Dancing in recent years. The University of Australia found that a Rumba can give the body more tone than running, and a Jive can raise the heart rate higher than a game of squash. In Germany, doctors found significant athletic advantage in dance when they wired the country's 800-meter running champions and its dance champions. Finally, according to the 1991 Steven F. Loy, Ph.D., International Journal of Sports Medicine study, Latin Dancing has the potential to meet exercise intensity criteria regardless of skill level and dances selected.




Latin Dance Fitness are Personal Trainers who specialize in Latin American Dancing similar to Zumba. We make losing weight and getting fit fun! Why kill yourself at the gym when you can achieve all your goals with a personal dance fitness trainer. Lose weight, tone your body, add muscle and get fit with our tailored dance fitness programs, all while you have fun learning the hottest Latin dance moves, and party away to hot Latin dance music.

We have qualified professional male and female instructors!

Contact us now for a personal trainer near you!