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Wedding Dance Lessons in Los  Angeles & Orange County.  Wedding Choreography, Wedding Entertainment  &  First Dance Lessons in Los Angeles & Orange County.

Wedding Day Bliss!

Your First Dance...

Congratulations on your big day! 

Make your special event even more special, with crowd pleasing Wedding  Dance choreography taught to you by qualified,  dance professionals, Stephen and Amanda.  Give each other the gift of dance! 

 Make your first dance as Man and Wife, a moment to remember and share for the rest of your lives!  It's fun and easy and will make your big day even more fabulous! 

Our Wedding First Dance lesson programs are designed with your specific needs in mind and help you feel confident, poised and impressive when you take those first steps onto the Dance Floor as Man and Wife. We specialize in both choreographed wedding dances as well as applying the basic fundamentals which will get you around the dance floor at ANY social event!

Each private lesson package includes a DVD or Multimedia recording of your dance choreography for you to take home and practice saving you valuable time and money!

We also specialize in Father/Daughter, Mother/Son and Wedding Party Group Choreography. Upon request, we also offer our Professional Show Dance  entertainment during your reception.  Please see our "Show Page" for details! 

"What song should we use?"

If you need help selecting music, we will gladly be of assistance!

Picking a song can be stressful and time consuming.  The good news is, we specialize in helping to steer you in the right direction towards what makes a particular song special for the both of you.  Although there are traditional Wedding Dance styles such as Waltz, Foxtrot and Rumba, some of the latest trends in Wedding Dance Music range from Rock & Roll, Country, Salsa, Tango, Swing and even Bollywood! So don't stress any more than you need. Find the songs that best suit you as a couple, and we will provide the rest!

Wedding Dance Programs

 Standard Wedding Package: $400 

     - 5 Private Lessons

Classic Wedding Package: $750

     - 10 Private Lessons

Premier Wedding Package: $1,080

     - 15 Private Lessons

Platinum Wedding Package: $1,420

     - 20 Private Lessons    


Professional Party Entertainment

We also offer our professional Show Dance Entertainment service and are (upon request) available to dance for you and your guests during your reception! We specialize in  performing and entertaining at all types of events and functions.

We have specially choreographed Ballroom and/or Latin show-peices, which are sure to liven up your special day and wow your guests! In addition to our Showcase we are also available for a brief instructional for you and your guests (optional) so that everyone can join in on the dancing fun! 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Just ask us about how we can perform and/or teach during your wedding reception, and we will be happy to entertain you and your guests!

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Scientific Evidence About The Benefits of Dance

Numerous scientific studies have been performed showing the aerobic value of Latin Dancing in recent years. The University of Australia found that a Rumba can give the body more tone than running, and a Jive can raise the heart rate higher than a game of squash. In Germany, doctors found significant athletic advantage in dance when they wired the country's 800-meter running champions and its dance champions. Finally, according to the 1991 Steven F. Loy, Ph.D., International Journal of Sports Medicine study, Latin Dancing has the potential to meet exercise intensity criteria regardless of skill level and dances selected.



Latin Dance Fitness are Personal Trainers who specialize in Latin American Dancing similar to Zumba. We make losing weight and getting fit fun! Why kill yourself at the gym when you can achieve all your goals with a personal dance fitness trainer. Lose weight, tone your body, add muscle and get fit with our tailored dance fitness programs, all while you have fun learning the hottest Latin dance moves, and party away to hot Latin dance music.

We have qualified professional male and female instructors!

Contact us now for a personal trainer near you!